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Deep Learning Model Deployment on IoT devices using Tensorflow Lite

03 November 2019 |Hyderabad

Gautam Anand

In this bootcamp, we obtain a pre-selected & pre-trained 

deep learning model customised to deploy on a Raspberry 

Pi device.

Once the model is deployed, we can query the 

deployed model locally on the IoT device, making it suitable 

for various Edge Computing use-cases. 

 The main highlights for the students: 

1. Hands-on coding experience (Node.js, Python, Bash 


2. Hand-on exposure setting up a Raspberry Pi device. 

3. Exposure to Tensorflow Framework, used for deep 

learning applications 

4. Access to all self-paced workshop materials on 

Github, to re-create and build model deployment 


Course Schedule:

- 9 am to 12 pm - Setting up Raspberry Pi device (Installing OS, Tensorflow and other scripts). 

- 1 pm to 5 pm - Deployment of the model in IoT device and building a simple web-service to send data back from the IoT device (post querying) to a remote server (Cloud). 


  • Beginner level coding for Python 

  • Basic understanding of deep learning concepts 

  • Ideally suitable for data scientists having trouble in models in production and staging environments.  

  • Bring your own Raspberry Pi device and Laptop with tensorflow / python/ nodejs installed. 

Raspberry Pi device will be provided by the Indo Data Week Partners.


Gautam Anand

Co-Founder at Opsmate

Gautam Anand has more than 6+ years of Experience in Microservices, Data Engineering, Machine Learning & Blockchain, Energy, Fintech & Ecommerce. He had lead the software development of a variety of projects that range from Computer Simulation, Machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Engineering.
He is also experienced in managing on-premises and or cloud infrastructure (AWS) for public or private or hybrid setups for DevOps and have strong fundamentals in Data Structures and Algorithms.